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Episode 29 – The History of Pleasure Island


On our last episode we talked a little bit about pleasure island and it made us want to dive into the history of this now closed area of Disney Springs.  Walk down memory lane with us and we have some positive news to share this week as well!  No rumors again as we arent going to encourage the rumor mill during this pandemic.

News & Rumors- 

Disney Springs To Open May 20

Shanghai Disneyland Begins Phased Reopening on May 11

Disney World will reopen in 2 phases

Hercules live-action remake

National Treasure’ TV Series Is In The Works At Disney+

RUMORS (aka: Rachael Knows All)

    No Rumors this week guys.  Now’s not the time for fake news.


Main Topic – History of Pleasure Island

For a great youtube video with more info, check out the Defunctland youtube channel.



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